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P. F. Chang's China Bistro is an American-based, Asian-themed, casual dining restaurant chain founded in 1993 by Paul Fleming and Philip Chiang. Centerbridge Partners owned and operated Chang's until acquired by the private equity firm TriArtisan Capital Advisors on March 2, 2019. P. F. Chang's is headquartered in Scottsdale, Arizona.


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Jason wood says

"I've been a regular there , went there like normal threw my guts up will never go back"

Jessica Peterson says

"PF Chang’s Fairfax, Virginia My first and LAST time going there. I was so excited to try it after my sister who lives in Youngsville, NC recommended it. It is her favorite place to eat. I called in an order over the phone for pick up. When I arrived my food was sitting there with my name on it. 35 minutes later it was still sitting there. The staff were the rudest people I have ever met. They kept yelling at me that I was supposed to pick up and get out. I kept trying to tell them I’m trying to pay. Obviously my food was sitting apart from the other orders for this reason. No one was willing to help me. The restaurant had one person at a table. The other two customers in line with me were trying to speak to the staff and the staff was being very rude to them. By the time I got out and home over an hour later. My food was a bowl of cold mush. Very disappointing. NEVER will I go there again."

z '_'_' says

"Today I decided to surprise my family with what I thought was some great Chinese food, bought a family meal for 4, when I first got the bag I was so excited to eat that Chinese food that my mouth was watering and let me tell you that it's the worst Chinese food that we ever had, first off cold as f.... No flavor at all, paid about $60 fu... I will make sure from this day on to save anyone from that place"

Michelle says

"My first time ever going there I had high hopes cause I am a big fan of East Asian food but the food was terrible to the fact that I thought I had COVID 19 because I couldn’t taste anything. Turns out they just can’t cook or use seasonings because I want the only person from my family that didn’t taste any flavor either."

Ben Hanson says

"New Year’s Eve 2020. Fitting that this year came to an end with flavorless beef leather. Chicken sponges and hard rice. Not to mention horrendous service. The biggest regret after getting the whole meal comped was actually eating it. If you want to enjoy your takeout experience? Go anywhere but Lynnwood PF Chang‘s"

Henriette Walsh says

"We had booked a table for 10 people, but when we got there the table couldn’t fit table (so they said), so we ended up waiting for 55 minutes to get two tables instead. The manager basically didn’t give a toss, so instead of trying to make the waiting time more bearable and maybe offered us drinks or something they just kept on telling us that table would be ready in 10 minutes. In the end we ended up getting absolutely NOTHING for our inconvenience. The waiter screwed up the starters as well and all in all the service was very mechanical. Food was decent though, but will never go there again!"

Kathy says

"Columbia, MD PF Chang Review. Take out order was not complete and did not find out until we were already home. Called manager to ask for credit for missing rice. Was told rice was free, so no credit owed. Food was mediocre at best."

Elizabeth says

"A friend gave us a gift card for P F Chang After looking up menu and decided what to home with Kung pao dragon sushi along with some chicken and beef bowls..the sushi had a hair on it was missing some ingredients and the cut was was off..will NOT be going back"

Alex Hunter says

"Mount Pleasant sc P.F. Chang’s SUCKS. Service sucks, waiter was terrible, brought out the wrong food. No one in the restaurant but a couple tables, everything took forever. Would not advise going. WORST experience at a restaurant in awhile. No one at the hostess stand phone rang constantly."

Jodell LaFratta says

"Really wish I would have taken the time to read these reviews before going but the place looks nice from the outside. Great curb appeal. As far as the actual service when you go inside, TERRIBLE! Everything mentioned in this forum is 100% accurate. Very small portions. Our to-go order came out with missing items and didn’t realize until arriving home. Cheap meat hard stale rice. Overpriced!"

Renee Johnson says

"I purchased a $50.00 gift card for a Christmas gift and yet to receive it although it says on confirmation that it has shipped. I called customer service and she was rude, rude and rude! " Just have to wait". Didn't even look up my order to check it. Very disappointed and will NEVER get another PFChang gift card. There is not a restaurant here or near by but one where my son is located and they go quite often. Only reason I purchased on line. Rudeness made this decion never to purchase or recommend PFChangs."

Eric Davidson, Sr. says

"A group of us entered PFChangs in Appleton, Wisconsin only to be greeted by a hostess wearing a BLM bracelet. We decided to leave. We are tired of being reminded of political ideoligies and opinions supported by business. Loved to go before they had to make their statement. Don't go there if you are a free thinker."

Virginia Moulton says

"Horrible experience, took forever and not the food that I ordered."

Greg Duman says

"Felt like 50 degrees inside dining room (omaha location). Had to eat with coat on and mask. Felt in a hurry just so we could get out to car to warm up. Also, chicken in the fried rice was like chewing on an old boot."

Shaun Johnson says

"The service was not excellent. I had to wait more than 45 minutes and even after that the staff at the front, gave no reassurance as to when I would be seated ( at a point i felt as though I was invisible). After I double checked with one of the staff members at the front, he responded saying, "I have no idea as to when you will be seated", (even after the 45 minute time frame had passed). I had to seek further assistance that day. Based on how long I was standing, I also thought of going to another restaurant, as well. I was finally seated and the waiter was not very hospitable- very rude comments. I had to ask for a replacement and as such, my plan maybe to avoid going back to that location on (Harvey Street, Stratford Road) for right now, despite the fact that it was one of the locations that I visited quite often: sad indeed!"

Carolyn Love Scalise says

"As I said to their delightful manager? I wanted to love you? It would have been so easy and relaxing to finish my 10 hours and enjoy a cocktail and dinner. Instead I waited almost 20 minutes for a drink in a near empty restaurant. I had to get my food to go as I received a work call that needed addressing. I got the food to go and arrived at home happy at last to enjoy my meal. The appetizer calamari was quite good, but the pad thai had four bite size pieces of tofu. I paid for combo of shrimp and chicken it had 2 pieces again bite size and one shrimp. Not what I expected from PF Chang. To their credit they're refunding me for the pad thai. Unfortunately, I won't be going back."

Ten Soldiers says

"My wife wanted to go to P.F Chang's for dinner because she had heard that the food was great. I had expressed my feelings to her about how I felt that they were going to be over priced because it was more about a brand name than about real Chinese food. So we went there and after paying a high price for what we both felt was a watered down version of the real thing, we left there feeling very disappointed. My wife and I both have always loved Chinese food and have both worked in Chinese restaurants for many years, and after having the real thing all these years this was a great disappointment. Save your money and eat at your small local Chinese restaurant. The portions will be bigger, the food will taste way better, and you'll save a ton of money!"

Luisa Nieves says

"The Mongolian beef price is $19.50 extra three dollars for upgrade to fried rice without vegetables you can count the veggies was like brown rice to me really dissatisfied because of the amount of the food for the price. I went for lunch time." is a non-profit organization and communications forum for social activism. This website allows users a voice to share their point of view online about what sucks in the world.

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